Design phase two review & feedback


Our Designer had the following observations:

All of the pictures/icons are for illustrative purpose. 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit' text is to show page layout only.

We will need to supply any additional stock photography and/or alternative iconography if requested. Similarly, if you would like some alternative colours in use on the categories instead of, for example green in the Parents and Carers, we'll need some direction on what that preference is.

Some customers like a rolling set (e.g. red, green, blue, purple, back to red etc.) where some prefer a more "random" approach. Either way, we'll need some indication.

As mentioned on our previous feedback request, please gather as much feedback as you can when commenting on this Design Phase as Design Phase Three will be the one we will be asking for sign-off and will be base-lined for the development/User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

The feedback form (link above) will open in a new window so you can switch between this page and the feedback form for your review.

These are just screenshots and have no functionality, clicks don't work.

Please provide all your comments using the feedback form. You can use the form more than once if you want to add more feedback.

Phase Two feedback closes on Thursday 17th August

Please submit your review using our feedback form

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